Product Sizes

Inner Diameter
Minimum Length 4 MM 5 MM 6 MM 7 MM 8MM
15cm AG616 AG715 AG1015
30cm AG630 AG730 AG830 AG1030
35cm AG535 AG636 AG735
40cm AG540 AG640 AG740 AG840
45cm AG645 AG745 AG845
50cm AG750

Inner diameters approximate, rounded to nearest mm. Outer diameters vary, but typically 1mm larger.

Order by phone: (800) 631-5264

How Supplied

The Artegraft is packaged in a specially designed tube containing a sterilizing solution, prepared with 1% propylene oxide in 40% aqueous U.S.P. ethyl alcohol. Each tube is enclosed in a set-up box for protection during shipment and storage. The length and inner diameter of each Artegraft is specified on the box and tube labels. The availability of graft diameters and lengths is dependent upon the source. The approximate desired length and diameter of each graft should be specified when ordering; the nearest available size will be supplied.

Easy to Evaluate

If your clinical practice engages in the treatment of hemodialysis patients, Artegraft’s natural advantages should enhance your surgical experience and possibly solve several of the clinical problems encountered with ePTFE:

  • Failed or immature native fistula
  • Infected graft
  • Recurrent clotting with synthetic graft or fistula
  • Lower thigh access
  • Interposition in a fistula with a ruptured aneurysm
  • Hypotension
  • Low protein condition where seroma formation may occur
  • Renal pre-transplant

Clinical Outcome Guarantee

Artegraft GUARANTEES that the Bovine Carotid Artery Graft will exhibit superior primary patency compared to any brand of ePTFE, that we will reimburse the unit cost of the trial graft if you don’t see similar clinical results* (90 days post-implant).

If you would like a trial, simply contact your Artegraft rep (How to Buy) or click Contact Us, and request the Operating Room to issue a scrub purchase order for the Artegraft product code you wish to evaluate.

*Clinical results as published in the Journal of Vascular Surgery, Volume 53, Issue 6, 1640-1648, June 2011, A Prospective, randomized comparison of bovine carotid artery and expanded polytetrafluroethylene for permanent hemodialysis vascular access.

Purchasing Information


Orders may be placed during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, by contacting your Distributor or Artegraft Customer Service (8am-4pm ET).

For Artegraft Customer Service:

Toll Free: (800) 631-5264
Direct: (732) 422-8333
Fax: (732) 422-8647
CAUTION: Federal (USA) Law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.


Contact Customer service for pricing and availability.

Shipping Information

Orders shipped from Artegraft are by UPS Ground at no additional charge. Expedited shipping is available upon request, and will incur additional charges.
All Products shipped FOB Destination.
Distributor shipment is per their policy.
Artegraft is packaged sterile with 3-year expiration from date of manufacture.

Payment Terms

Net 30 days.
Invoices reflect the price in effect at the time of order fulfillment.


All product returns require an Authorization to Return, obtained by contacting Customer Service.
Product must be in its original packaging and unopened and in saleable condition.
Additional terms and conditions apply as per Artegraft Returned Goods Policy.