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Clinical Studies

Journal of Vascular Surgery
Bovine Carotid Artery Xenografts For Hemodialysis Access
Danielle M. Pineda, MD, Matthew J. Dougherty, MD,Michael C. Wismer, BA, Chelsea Carroll, DO, Samuel Tyagi, MD,Douglas A. Troutman, DO,
and Keith D. Calligaro, MD
Journal of Vascular Surgery - Volume 65, Number 6, June 2017

Journal of Vascular Surgery

Bovine Carotid Artery Biologic Graft Outperforms Expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene for Hemodialysis Access
Isibor Arhuidese, MD, MPH, Thomas Reifsnyder, MD,Tasnim Islam, BA, Omar Karim, MD, Besma Nejim, MD, MPH, Tammam Obeid, MD, Umair Qazi, MD, MPH, and Mahmoud Malas, MD, MHS
Journal of Vascular Surgery – Volume 65, Number 3, March 2017

Journal of Vascular Surgery
Hemodialysis arteriovenous fistula as first option not necessary in elderly patients
Jie Cui, MD, David Steele, MD, Julia Wenger, MPH, Tatsuo Kawai, MD, PhD, Fengyong Liu, MD, Nahel Elias, MD, Michael T. Watkins, MD, Zubin Irani, MD
Journal of Vascular Surgery,  Volume 63, Issue 5, Pages 1326–1332, May 2016

Journal of Vascular Surgery
A Prospective, Randomized Comparison of Bovine Carotid Artery and Expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene for Permanent Hemodialysis Vascular Access
Journal of Vascular Surgery, Volume 53, Issue 6, Pages 1640-1648, June 2011.

Vascular and Endovascular Surgery
Bovine Carotid Artery (Artegraft) as a Hemodialysis Access Conduit in Patients Who Are Poor Candidates for Native Arteriovenous Fistulae
Michael Harlander-Locke, Peter F. Lawrence, Hugh A. Gelabert, Brian G. Derubertis, David A. Rigberg, and Steven M. Farley
Division of Vascular Surgery, Gonda (Goldschmied) Vascular Center, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, USA
October-November 2014 48: 497-502

 The American Surgeon
Analysis of 855 Upper Extremity Fistulas Created Using a Standard Protocol: The Role of Graft Extension
to Achieve Functional Status.
Bassan J. Allan, M.D., Enrique R. Perez, M.D., Marwan Tabbara, M.D.
From the DeWitt-Daughtry Family Department of Surgery, Division of Vascular & Endovascular Surgery, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Miami, Florida.
The American Surgeon 2013: 79:625-629

AV Fistula Salvage with Artegraft
Dr. Jose Zamora II, Renal Transplant and Vascular Access surgeon at Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego, shares his techniques for AV Fistula Salvage with Artegraft.

Renewed Interest in Bovine Heterograft
Renewed Interest in Bovine Heterograft for Vascular Access: A Comparison Between Polytetrafluoroethylene and Bovine
Casandra A. Anderson, M.D., Mark D. Odand, M.D., Chad J. Richardson, M.D., Art L. Ney, M.D., Brent Nykamp, M.D., Gregory Ausmus, M.D. and Richard T. Zera, M.D.

Midwestern Vascular Society 
Revisiting Bovine Carotid Artery Grafts for Dialysis Access- Early and Mid Term Results of a Comparative Analysis PTFE and Bovine Carotid Artery Conduits
Raghunandan L. Motaganahalli, M.D., James R. Mark, Pawel T. Dyke, Melissa Grammer and Paul G. Garvin, M.D. Vascular Surgery, St. Louis University Hospital (MO)

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